20th - 23rd October 2015, Dubrovnik (Croatia)


A pdf version of the programme and session allocation can be downloaded here (FINAL)

Day 1: Tuesday 20th October

Session 1: Chaired by Colin Jones (NCAS)


Session 2: Chaired by Veronika Eyring (DLR)







Day 2: Wednesday 21st October

Session 1: Chaired by Björn Stevens (MPI)




Session 2: Chaired by Karl Taylor (PCMDI)





Day 3: Thursday 22nd October

Session 3: Chaired by Ronald Stouffer (GFDL)





Session 4: Chaired by Pierre Friedlingstein (University of Exeter)




Day 4: Friday 23rd October

Session 5: Chaired by Gerald Meehl (NCAR)


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